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Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Scoring 1 point for each occurrence of the following, how much of a superfan are you?

  • Put up sci-fi poster in room/office
  • Wrote fan-fiction
  • Wore sci-fi character costume
  • Got sci-fi-related vanity license plate
  • Have sci-fi tattoo
  • Bought soundtrack to sci-fi movie
  • Attended sci-fi convention
  • Own unopened sci-fi collectible
  • Other


(102 total votes)

Comments this week:

“Oops. I voted 5-10 before I realized it was one point for each occurrence. So, you might want to factor that into the tally. Sorry. Dammit! For a second I thought I wasn’t a loser (no offense to the fellow losers in the crowd).” A_Z

“I get over 200 points on conventions alone, plus a few costumes, many posters and prints and unopened collectibles.” – Jeff Patterson

“Owning a website called probably qualifies for major geek points.” – SciFiChick

“I gave myself an extra point for starting an sf-related website, but I’m still only a wannabe. Shouldn’t getting an sf tattoo be worth at *least* 2 points? It’s way more permanent than the other stuff.” – K. Burnham

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