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The Sarah Conner Chronicles Suddenly Becomes Much More Interesting

The guys over at IGN have posted an exclusive interview with Summer Glau, who we all know as River Tam from Firelfly, about her role in the upcoming TV series, The Sarah Conner Chronicles.

I’m still leery about taking a successful movie franchise and then creating a TV spin-off from it. And I wasn’t too excited by the trailer. I said in our earlier post that I may tune in. That was before I read this:

IGN TV: So from the clips I saw, it looks like you have a fight scene while you’re naked?

Glau: [Laughs] Can you believe it was snowing outside too?! We were in Albuquerque and I’d never been so cold in my life. I had three different night shoots where I had to be naked.

Yes, it’s on Fox. So all you’ll be seeing are the pictures in your own imagination, but still, TSCC is now in the ‘somewhat more intriguing’ bin. And who knew Summer was also in The 4400? I didn’t. Does anyone watch that show?

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8 Comments on The Sarah Conner Chronicles Suddenly Becomes Much More Interesting

  1. Excuse me, I have to start searching for set photos….

  2. Ya pervos! Snarf!

    Actually, yeah, I knew she was in 4400, but just from seeing her in some commercials a while back. I stopped watching 4400 after the first season. It just didn’t hold me. And I remember thinking, “Oh, Summer is gonna get typecast as the kid with special powers or something.”

    I’m still ticked off about FIREFLY being cancelled, though. Yes, I can hold a grudge.

    While nekkid Summer does nothing for me, I might rewatch the FIREFLY episode with Nathon Fillion’s derriere on display. Ahem. You know, just cause it’s hilarious.


  3. I used to watch The 4400 … I did see the first episode she was in. She played a mentally-unstable girl with psychic abilities — I was glad to see she wasn’t being typecast at all!

  4. DeadParrot // June 6, 2007 at 11:45 pm //

    Summer plays the character Tess on the 4400. So far, she has appeared on 4 episodes. Tess has the power of “persuasion” (the same power as Eden in Heroes).

  5. I watch 4400! The first season was great! Sylar was a classic bad guy!




  6. LOL. Yes, I watch The 4400… It what I happened to post about today.

    The show is freaking addicting.

  7. I’m going to start watching 4400 soon, as I just finished all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and 3 of Atlantis. It was a monster churn for a couple months there…

    Taking a break to catch up on some reading, but when I get back into TV shows again I think it’s 4400 time.

    BTW, The Lost Room Sci-Fi miniseries is pretty cool too. Nothing to do with Glau though.

  8. hey this is doc from the itunes podcast: Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy, i watched all 9 episodes of The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Summer Glau does a great job throughout the series. I have not seen one episode of the 4400, but plan to. Anyway found this thru a google alert. website voicemail 1-206-333-1297

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