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The SFSignal Podcast Is Here!

Well, not so much a podcast as an inanecast, but you get the idea. This is something we put together to test the podcasting waters and to see just what it would take on the technical side to put one together. As a result, we have a short, jokey ‘cast for you, with the vague promise of possibly more to potentially come in the near, or far, future. You can download the ‘cast in a variety of flavors here, or you can listen using the Pickle Player below:


Intro and Narrator: JP Frantz

Henri zee Monkee: Tim Zinsky

Overexcited child’s voice at the end: Tim’s son

And for those of you wondering about the ’emotion’ on display by Tim’s son, don’t worry. He’s taking lessons at the Keanu Reeves Method School Of Acting.

Update: For those of you wanting to subscribe to an RSS feed, I’ve moved the files over to Odeo, and you can subscribe here.

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4 Comments on The SFSignal Podcast Is Here!

  1. My favorite Macel Marceau quote!



  2. Will there be a feed for future episodes that I can put into my podcatcher of choice?

  3. Kev,

    See the update to the post.

  4. Bravo! Bravo!

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