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A Closer Look At The Emmy Nominations

There is, of course, and extensive list of all the Emmy nominations online. But lets face it, we don’t care about most of them, only the ones where the genre-related shows are nominated. Let’s take a look at the nominations and see what the competition is.

Outstanding Direction For A Drama Series

Battlestar Galactica (“Exodus, Pt.2”), Heroes (“Genesis”) and LOST (“Through The Looking Glass”) go up against Boston Legal, Friday Night Lights, Studio 60 and The Sopranos. My money here is on The Sopranos, just because everyone loves that show. Out of the genre shows, I’d say that the LOST episode wins out over Galactica, even with its in-atmo jump.

Outstanding Drama Series

Heroes doesn’t stand a chance against Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy, House and, of course, The Sopranos. Again, The Sopranos wins here in its swan song season.

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series

Battlestar Galactica (“Exodus, Pt. 2”), Eureka (“Pilot”), Heroes (“Five Years Gone”) against, Grey’s Anatomy and Rome. Well 3 vs.2 isn’t bad odds here. But then again its all about the voters. I don’t think Eureka‘s SFX are above and beyond most other shows, and the fascist future of the Heroes episode was pretty good, but Galactica wins for me because of the afore mentioned in-atmosphere jump of the ship while launching and recovering Vipers. A true TV “Holy @#^$#$^, did you just see that?!” moment. That’s why I bet Rome wins. It’s HBO and ancient Rome, what else do the voters need?

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Oooo, things get interesting here. We have Masi Oka (Heroes), Terry O’Quinn (LOST) and Michael Emerson (LOST) against William Shatner (Boston Legal) and Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos). Well, the three genre actors are all outstanding in their roles, but if I had to pick one I’d say Michael Emerson for his creepy and manipulative portrayal of Ben Linus, with Oka and O’Quinn fighting for second. And come on, is Shatner really that good of an actor now? Really? I’ve never seen The Sopranos so I don’t know how good Imperioli is, but this is the one category where I think the genre shows can give The Sopranos a run for its last season money. Too close to call, but expecting Imperioli.

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

Galactica (“Occupation/Precipice”) and LOST (“Through The Looking Glass”) square off against three episode of, you guessed it, The Sopranos. The Galactica episodes aren’t, in my opinion, even in the same league as “Through The Looking Glass”, even if they are maybe some of the best of the season. And I bet I’d still like “Through The Looking Glass” better than any Sopranos episode. But in its final Emmys, I’m betting The Sopranos win, again.

So there we go, but you may be wondering about the pessimism I have about the genres chances this year. It’s simple. Genre programs don’t usually get respect in the major categories, although winning in the technical areas is fine. And with Heroes and LOST being so popular, this is also a chance for the voters to stick it to the proles and show how ‘superior’ their taste is. The Sopranos fits that bill neatly. I hope I’m wrong. Tune in Sep. 16th to find out!

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  1. Oh stop it JP. You stopped caring about the Emmy’s the minute Susan Lucci finally got hers. :-@

    Seriously though. I have high hopes for Heroes. It gained a lot of momentum with “the sheep” this year.

  2. I think eureka has a pretty good shot in SFX, especially with all of the seemingly attainable creations that are actually faked. Things that dont seem out of the realm of possibility appeal to me.

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