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A Look at Some Upcoming SF/F Films

SFF World has a list of SF/F/H films in the pipeline and, being the wishy-washy fanboy that I am, I am trying to decide whether these are worth the time by noting the pros and cons of each one.

Aliens vs. Predator – A sequel to the singular Alien vs. Predator.

PROS: Aliens was good. Predator was good.

CONS: The original Alien vs. Predator…not so much.

BOTTOM LINE: I’ll pass.

30 Days of Night – A vampire movie based on the graphic novel.

PROS: Produced by Sam Raimi.

CONS: The trapped-in-the-Arctic spin smacks of Carpenter’s The Thing.

BOTTOM LINE: Could be cool, but if I could see only one more vampire movie, it would have to be…

Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She Vampires – Bruce Campbell reprises his role as an elderly Elvis Presley in this sequel to Bubba Ho-Tep.

PROS: I liked Bubba Ho-Tep.

CONS: Nothing as far as I can tell.

BOTTOM LINE: They had me at “Bruce Campbell”. At “She Vampires” I was already packing a suitcase and moving into the multiplex.

The Dark is Rising – A fantasy film based on the YA books of Susan Cooper.

PROS: “A boy who learns he is the last of a group of immortal warriors” sounds like Highlander, Jr.. And it’s got time travel and Christopher Eccleston!

CONS: Is this the latest movie to jump on the YA fantasy bandwagon?

BOTTOM LINE: I haven’t read them so I’ll need to see a trailer

The Dark Knight – The sequel to Batman Begins.

PROS: It’s Batman!

CONS: I really, really must see the first film.

BOTTOM LINE: Sure to be a huge hit. Everyone will rave about it and then I’ll wanna go see it. Damn you, fanboys!

Enchanted – A classic Disney fairy tale collides with modern-day New York City.

PROS: A Disney movie with a princess and a prince would normally have me running for my life, but looking at the trailer, this fish-out-of-water movie is more like Disney making fun of itself. That’s gotta be good for something.

CONS: My daughter will make me spring theater tickets, branded clothing, music soundtracks, the eventual DVD, the even more eventual super galacto-expanded hoity-toity edition DVD, etc.

BOTTOM LINE: This one’s gonna cost me a fortune.

G.I. Joe – I’m thinkin’ this has something to do with the Army.

PROS: Who doesn’t like G.I. Joe?

CONS: Is it live-action? Animated? This movie is so far away from release, you can’t even access the IMDB page without paying for Pro.

BOTTOM LINE: Not enough info, but the army guys in Toy Story were pretty cool.

I Am Legend – Last man on Earth fights vampires.

PROS: I loved the Richard Matheson book upon which this is based. “Come out, Neville!”

CONS: I’m not sure we need a third adaptation. With Will Smith, no less. What, was Keanu unavailable?

BOTTOM LINE: OK, maybe I’ll see two vampire movies.

Incredible Hulk II – Humble scientist turns into big, green monster. Again.

PROS: [Whistles; looks up and to the left.]

CONS: Ummm…didn’t the first one suck?

BOTTOM LINE: I’ll pass.

Indiana Jones IV – Harrison Ford returns as the Fedora-wearing, whip-wielding adventurer.

PROS: Spielberg’s and Ford’s return. Go, Indy!

CONS: Isn’t Ford, like, 70 or something?

BOTTOM LINE: How could I not go see this? Too many good memories to let this one pass.

Iron Man – Tony Stark is forced to create a life support suit to keep him alive after an accident and decides to use the technology in his suit to fight crime.

PROS: Has the potential to be a good comic book movie – a rare beast.

CONS: Guy in metal suit fights bad guys? I liked this idea the first time I heard it…when it was called RoboCop

BOTTOM LINE: Not sure about this one. The director, Jon Favreau, had a great philosophy when he directed Zathura: use as little CGI as possible. Let’s hope the same common sense prevails.

Jurassic Park IV – The script is still being written, but you can be sure dinosaurs are involved.

PROS: The return of the CGI dinosaur!

CONS: The return of the CGI dinosaur.

BOTTOM LINE: Meh. Been there, done that.

The Mummy III – In the Far East, trouble-seeking father-and-son duo Rick (Brendan Fraser) and pal unearth the mummy of the first Emperor of Qin (Jet Li) — a shape-shifting entity who was cursed by a wizard centuries ago.

PROS: The first Mummy film was stupid fun.

CONS: The second Mummy film was stupid.

BOTTOM LINE: They need to just make this a short-lived Fox series and make room in the theater for better movie ideas. Sorry, Jet.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – The Pevensie siblings return to Narnia, where they are enlisted to once again help ward off an evil king and restore the rightful heir to the land’s throne, Prince Caspian.

PROS: Classic story; builds on the success of the first film.

CONS: YAKF: Yet Another Kids’ Fantasy.

BOTTOM LINE: Another sequel whose first installment I haven’t seen. Less blogging, more movies. That’s the ticket.

Puss in Boots – About a cat with the voice of Antonio Banderas.

PROS: Puss in Boots was my favorite character in Shrek‘s II and III.

CONS: This reeks of spin-off-itis.

BOTTOM LINE: Can’t be any worse than Shrek 4, which has a donkey that sounds like Eddie Murphy.

Speed Racer – A live action version of the cartoon.

PROS: A fan favorite.

CONS: I saw the Speed Racer cartoon so long ago I don’t even remember it.

BOTTOM LINE: I’ll pass.

The Spiderwick Chronicles – Upon moving into the run-down Spiderwick Estate with their mother, twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, along with their sister Mallory, find themselves pulled into an alternate world full of faeries and other creatures.

PROS: Based on a book. And books rock, kids!

CONS: Everyone knows books are better than their adaptations 80% of the time.

BOTTOM LINE: Expected to be a series, this first installment is called “Capitalizing on Harry Potter“.

TemeraireMaster and Commander with dragons.

PROS: Peter Jackson has his name attached.

CONS: Will inevitably be compared to Lord of the Rings.

BOTTOM LINE: Could be good.

Where the Wild Things Are – A live action movie based on the famous children’s picture book.

PROS: I remember this book scaring the begeezus out of me when I read it.

CONS: I was 35 at the time.

BOTTOM LINE: Another film aimed at kids, but this is one where the parents grew up with the same book, so this could be a good bonding moment for parents and their kids.

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  1. I was excited to see “Where the Wild Things Are” on that list. I would love to see that. Especially if someone like Dave McKean or Henry Selick did it.

    But…Spike Jonze? SPIKE JONZE? THis will be “Do the Right Thing” meets “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

    Okay, maybe not, but Spike Jonze was pretty far down on my list of people to do this.

    If you ask me, Guillermo del Toro already got the spirit of it in Pan’s Labyrinth.

  2. Anonymous // July 7, 2007 at 3:50 pm //


  3. I’m actually looking forward to AvP2. I love modern pastiches of 1950s drive-in monster movies (which is why I loved the first 75% of The Hulk).

    I like art, but I can appreciate schlock too.

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