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Issue #944 (July 20, 2007) of Entertainment Weekly offers some brief reviews of science fiction and fantasy books. Here’s a snippet…

The Servants by Michael Marshall Smith

For Fans of… Natalie Babbitt’s Tuck Everlasting.

Bottom Line: This moving parable delivers strong psychological insights into a child’s powerlessness and anger.

Grade: B+

Thirteen by Richard K. Morgan

For Fans of… Gattacca‘s DNA-driven dystopia; the subversive fury of Chester Himes’ If He Hollers Let Him Go.

Bottom Line: Morgan’s bare-knuckle procedural plot makes room for provocative takes on race, gender, and religion.

Grade: A-

Exposure by Kurt Wenzel

For Fans of… Philip K. Dick; Neil Postman.

Bottom Line: Lots of alarming ideas – some fresh, many stale – and too many late-game twists. Exposure is intriguing, but often as artless as the culture it decries.

Grade: B-

Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman

For Fans of… Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. cartoon.

Bottom Line: Although too affectionate to be an effective parody, Grossman’s book has it’s fun moments, as when Dr. Impossible bemoans, “Henchmen are no use in a situation like this. Don’t get me started about henchmen.”

Grade: B

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