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Is A Cloverfield Lucky?

J.J. Abrams sure hopes so. His newest movie production is called Cloverfield and the publicity machine is in full force. A teaser trailer for the movie is running before each showing of Transformers, and is generating quite the buzz.

From what little we know, the movie looks to be some sort of monster movie, or possibly a disaster movie. It has a Blair Witch shaky-cam vibe and is supposedly told via the viewpoint of the people on the ground. This could be interesting, although two hours of shaky-cam would become nauseating quickly. However, any movie that shows the Statue Of Liberty’s head being used for home run derby grabs my attention. Tim is hoping its a re-make of Gamera. I’m just hoping its not another Godzilla re-make.

There is also an Alternate Reality Game going on to help build the hype (you can find the links in the second USA Today article linked above). Currently, there isn’t much there, and no additional information. However, as the ARG for the movie A.I. (dubbed The Beast) shows, these type of things, if done well, can be very successful in building anticipation. It remains to be seen if Cloverfield will be more successful than A.I.

Cloverfield is definitely on my radar, but tempered with the fact that Abrams also did MI:3, which blew.

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6 Comments on Is A Cloverfield Lucky?

  1. The trailer is now available in JP’s favorite format Quicktime 🙂

  2. I think if this turns out in fact to BE nothing but 2 hours of film showing nothing but a Field of Clover, it will be more interesting than A.I.

  3. joshua corning // July 10, 2007 at 10:50 pm //

    my guess….

    Live action remake of Evangelion.

  4. I don’t know what to make out of it. My speculation is that it is a Godzilla movie, but I could be wrong. The beginning talks about Japan and then something that is “alive” shows up in New York – seems Godzilla-ish to me. Then I saw over at Big Dumb Object that it might be a Cthulhu story – which might also fit, but who knows at this point.

  5. A Godzilla movie: Meh.

    A Cthulhu movie: I’m in.

  6. Blair Witch Project with a monster. No thanks.

    The preview on the big screen made me dizzy enough.

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