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POLL RESULTS: Our Favorite Cult TV Show

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these “Top Cult Shows” is best?


(159 total votes)

Comments this week:

“Buffy? Buffy??? You must be American.” – Spookkiller

“I went with Buffy, start to finish was an incredible show, had a few bumps but always finished strong. I was with X-Files first episode but it went way downhill at the end. Lost should not even be here until it’s run is done…” – Bryan

“Mulder and Scully or Kirk and Spock? Well, dammit, I’m not voting for Mr. Priceline!” – platyjoe

“Max Headroom!” – John Abbe

“Whaaaaaaa, no Firefly or Stargate SG-1! Tisk, Tisk! :)” – General X

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