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POLL RESULTS: Trust in Online Book Reviews

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Do you trust online book reviews?


(104 total votes)

Comments this week:

“I do trust online reviews, but if I’m going to buy a book, I’ll have a look around at the various blogs and review sites that have reviewed it. They’re not all the same, but then wouldn’t it be boring if everyone had the same opinion?” – Mark Chitty

“I am more likely to follow the advice of a review if the book gets bad (but intelligently written) reviews. For positive I use the review and hopefully plot description to give me an idea if I’d like the book. For example try as I might, I don’t care for Charlie Stross’s work. I want to, but post-singularity is simply not enjoyable to me. So if I find out that that’s the setting of the book from the review, I know to skip it no matter how positive the review.” – Kristen

“If someone’s taken the time to post a book review online, it’s generally worth a look.” – platyjoe

“Charles de Lint. I have never been disappointed by anything he’s reviewed and recommended.” – Richard Novak

“If I see a reviewer and have read enough of their reviews to know that they are giving an honest go of it and not just typing up the back cover, I’ll come back often; if I see a reviewer who’s opinions are honest and match my own, I’ll come looking for recommendations.” – Larry

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