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The Truth Is Out There? X-Files 2


David Duchovny let drop a big hint that the next X-Files movie is moving closer to production. Apparently, he is expecting to see a script next week and the movie will re-unite Mulder with Scully.

At this point, I have to ask: What can this movie possibly be about? Isn’t the whole alien invasion thing pretty much taken care of, if not by the series then by the whole ‘we have no idea where the hell we are going with this’ approach to the backstory?

Admittedly, I lost interest when T-1000 joined the cast and Fox ‘disappeared’, so I have no idea how the show ended. Frankly, with the writers botching the backstory so horribly, it was way past time for X-Files to end.

Is this an attempt to fix the legacy of X-Files? I don’t hold out much hope given the ‘recent’ track record. I think the truth points to more suckage, which is too bad as I really liked the earlier seasons of X-Files.

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3 Comments on The Truth Is Out There? X-Files 2

  1. I so agree with the miserable downfall of the X-Files. I was a devote fan of the show in the 90s. I even had T-Shirts proclaiming that I would “Trust No One.” (Sound advice to this day!)

    Despite the great pleasure I took from the show, I jumped ship with just about everyone else in the known universe in the last seasons. I mean, how can you possibly have X-Files without Fox Mulder?

    That said, the first 3 or 4 years of the show were wonderfully entertaining, thoughtful, and creative. There were good scripts and good acting mixed with a charming sense of humor.

    What might be in store for a possible 2nd film, I can’t guess. If it gets made though, I’ll probably go see it.

  2. From what I understand the movie is a stand alone supernatural mystery story and will have nothing to do with the alien invasion uberplot.

    So i’m cautiously optimistic.

  3. I’ve heard the same as The Grammar Fairy…the movie will be set prior to Mulder vanishing and be a non-alien story.

    And real X-Philes know the show really ended when Mulder disappeared. The years after were just hallucinations. 😀

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