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This Week On Sci Fi

Welcome to the first installment of ‘This Week On Sci Fi’ where we take a look at the shows on the SCI FI Channel during primetime. If this one goes well, I’ll do more in the future.

Unless stated otherwise, I’ll be using Central Time for the times, as that is the timezone I reside in. You can figure out what it would be for you, if you get Sci Fi.


7pm – 9pm: Star Trek Enterprise – Just what everyone wants, back-to-back-to-back episodes of the worst Trek spinoff. And there’s no HD feed to at least watch Jolene Blalock on. Monday’s only saving grace may be…

10pm: Ani Mondays – With Noein and Tokko. Both look to be SF-related, although I’ve never seen any. I do have Noein somewhere though…


7pm: Tru Calling – Apparently Sci Fi is where shows killed by Fox go to die, again. This episode is Past Tense, which is where this show should be.

8pm: Eureka – Tonight, it’s Try, Try Again. I don’t really care what its about, I’ll be watching. Am I expecting Emmy worthy stories? No. Funny ones? Yes. So don’t let me down.

9pm: ECW – The 900 lb. cash cow in the room, wrestling. Do I even need to say anything more?


7pm -8pm: Ghost Hunters – Does anyone watch this so called ‘reality’ program? Have they ever found a ghost, or even the ghost of their ratings?

9pm: Destination Truth – Another one of the ‘reality’ programs. The truth is out there, but that’s another, better show.


7pm-10pm: Dinocroc and Supergator – It’s prime time for the super aquatic reptiles! At least we can breathe easy knowing that Sci Fi isn’t showing Mansquito again.


7pm: Wolf Lake – Lou Diamond Phillips’ goes to Wolf Lake to find his career and finds, instead, werewolves. I don’t see this one lasting at all.

8pm: Doctor Who – Season 3 rolls on with Gridlock, where the good Doctor must hurry to the Tower Of London to stave off yet another alien threat to Earth, but gets stuck in traffic on the M5.

9pm: Painkiller Jane – Yet another show that I wonder if any even bothers to watch. Tonight, Kristanna Loken curses Uwe Boll for killing her career. She does this for. The. Whole. Hour. Is this what sciFridays have come to?


6pm: Magma: Volcanic Disaster – Yet another Sci Fi original movie, this time using the appropriate word ‘disaster’ in title. I’m surprised there isn’t an ‘!’ at the point. But don’t worry, because

8pm: Atomic Twister – is coming! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. It’s about a tornado, with atoms, or atomics, or something.


4pm -10pm: Dinotopia – A 2002 mini-series based on the Dinotopia books. Could be good, or not, but its all day long. Wakka.

So there you go, all the shows on primetime on Sci Fi. With only a few bright spots, they should change their name to the ‘Monster Movie, Kinda Sorta Reality, And Crappy SciFi’ Channel.

Update: Perhaps this is a good place to post a link to Sclerotic_Rings mini-screed against the SciFi Channel over at TheSaucerNews. He details what we all suspected, the beancounters are in charge.

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9 Comments on This Week On Sci Fi

  1. I think you need to cover the wrasslin’ in more detail. Bring more eyeballs to the site.


  2. Richard Novak // July 16, 2007 at 8:38 pm //

    You’re right about ‘Wolf Lake.’ If all they have are the CBS episodes…only about a half dozen or so.


  3. Stupid Fox killed ‘Tru Calling’ just when it was getting good, at least, as far as I can remember or did I just liked the show because of super hottie, Eliza Dushku?

  4. General X // July 17, 2007 at 1:41 am //

    Yeah, what is happening to SciFi. The channel that brought us Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis just to name a few, and that used to be the bright shining beacon of summer tv now is this cr*pfest.

  5. Too bad in your rush to be sarcastic, you actually overlooked the real plot of this week’s Dr Who and that it is suprisingly better than you might think. It’s one of the better episodes of a great season.

  6. There was no rush to be sarcastic, this post took me at least 30 minutes to produce.

    Perhaps in your rush to defend Dr. Who, you overlooked the point of the post? (which was to be snark and sarcastic for just about everything, thus pointing out just how awful the Sci Fi Channel’s SF lineup actually is)

    I can bash Dr. Who more if you want, but I’d have to actually watch more than the one episode I have seen… Who am I kidding? I don’t need to watch more to bash it! πŸ˜€

  7. Dinocroc and Supergator

    My husband and I have a bet going. Every time we hear a movie title (on a Sci-Fi promo), we try to guess if it’s a “Sci-Fi Original Movie.” Well, as a writer who believes that titles are not her long suit, honestly, who comes up with these titles?? Just hearing Dinocroc, you know it’s a Sci-Fi Original.

    You know, actually, I think that Sci-Fi has been getting better. Yes, they still show dumb monster movies, and WRESTLING for heaven’s sake!!!!!, but a lot of their original series (NOT MOVIES) have surprised me. They have BG, which has some stinky spots, but overall is fun to watch, usually. Eureka is amazing, and I love Dr. Who. Occasionally, they make me and my DVR very happy by showing Dead Like Me or Firefly all day!

  8. god, that network has sucked since it started.

  9. Man Eureka is really good. I stumbled into it last summer, and I’ve been hooked since. Once you get past the premise and just watch the episodes…it really catches you.

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