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Tube Bits for 07/17/2007

“Tube bits?”, you say, wondering what the heck those are. Well, we already have John’s excellent ‘Tid Bits’ posts, but I thought we could branch out and focus on science fiction television. Tube Bits will focus on news items that deal with SF on TV. We’ll scour the web to find interesting nuggets of information, so you don’t have to!

  • The Sci Fi Channel is resurrecting Farscape as a series of 10 webisodes. No word on casting or premiere date. [Via -the Intertubes in general]
  • The Sci Fi Channel also announced their development slate for original programming. And I use the term ‘original’ in the ‘we take two or more ideas from existing properties and mash them together to make an original show’ sense. We’ve got a re-hash of The Incredibles, a mashup of Buck Rogers and John Carter Of Mars, the Odyssey meets American Gods and a bunch of ‘reality’ programming, as only Sci Fi can do. Very few look interesting.
  • NBC announces Sci Fi Mondays. Not as cool sounding as Sci Fridays, but hey, its SF on a prime time network. NBC will air Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman. Expect the premieres of most of these series in September.
  • Another clueless reporter discovers Battlestar Galactica and realizes not is it good TV, but science fiction can be good too. Describing BG as one of ‘those’ kinds of shows is a tip off to cluelessness.
  • More reportage xon upcoming SF series on the major networks. Apparently, SF is either stories about nerds, or stories for nerds. I guess you can’t have SF for regular people? I thought I was regular people.
  • And lastly, Slice Of Sci Fi has an interview with Claudia Black, whose mere presence in a show can kill it off (Farscape, SG-1, Dresden Files). (For Tim).
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7 Comments on Tube Bits for 07/17/2007

  1. Claudia Black did not kill off the shows – you are such a hater. She still looks pretty good in black leather too – at least I think so…

  2. Urk. Sci-Fi channel comes up with the STUPIDEST shows. I mean, who thinks “Going Homer” is anything like a good idea?

    And “The Awesomes” is so blatant, it’s kinda’ sad. Sigh.

  3. I’m very interested in knowing what the missing third bullet is on; please don’t leave me hanging…

  4. Pete T! Where’ve you been? I was expecting some funny on the Doctorow post from you.

    Or did you wife give birth and you now realize what lack of sleep can actually do to a person?

  5. Tim &/or JP:

    I agree 100% about the announced Fall lineup by SciFi Channel!! The whole list is reality tv or remakes – blah!!

    So, what happened to the Dresden Files??! We fans are extremely anxious about it’s renewal! No matter HOW many e-mails & letters we send to SciFi Channel, we have only received the response that ‘No decision has been made.”

    Dresden Files is the best show that came out this year – on ANY channel! It’s an exceptionally well-written, extremely well-acted series with strong bonds & excellent chemistry between the characters. And best of all – it’s not another cookie-cutter series!

    Yet, the fate of Season 2 has been hanging in limbo since April.

    We fans of TDF are trying our best to make sure that SciFi brings the series back for a 2nd season! We have been writing letters, making phone calls, and contacting the media. Our campaign has been carried on many sites on the Internet so far.

    Please, can you help us bring the Dresden Files back for Season 2 & MANY more!!!

    Check out our website:

    Thank you!! πŸ™‚


  6. Tube Bits? With Claudia wearing a…tube? Oh, you guys!


    I’d have to agree with Tim on Claudia…she didn’t kill those shows. Farscape lasted how many seasons? Stargate died and came back how many times?

  7. I soo have to agree with tim on this one. Claudia Black is my favorite caracter on Stargate SG-1! She made the series better. I love all the other characters too but Valla was my personal favorite. Maybe its people like you, making comments like these actors kill off a show, who are the realy culprets of the shows being killed off. JP, Claudia Black is a great actor and thats a fact. I’m sure more people will side with me than with you, especialy the real SG-1 fans.

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