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Tube Bits for 07/19/2007

Apologies for the late posting today, I went to bed early last night as I was feeling ill.

  • BlogCritics Magazine reviews the DVD series of Space Ghost and Dino Boy. I don’t know about you, but I used to watch Space Ghost occasionally as a kid. I’ve seem some of them again as an adult, and yeesh, it doesn’t hold up too well. Better than some Hannah Barbera stuff, but that’s not saying much.
  • It’s a smorgasborg of Heroes info: Masi Oka let’s loose with some minor spoilage for next season, including the mystery surrounding why samurai Takezo Kensei is played by the Caucasian actor, David Anders. NBC is planning to expand their online offerings for their shows and will make several mini-sites for characters from Heroes. And lastly, start saving your quarters now as Topps will be release Heroes trading cards in September. No word on whether pink cardboard masquerading as gum will be included.
  • Keeping with the trading card theme, did you know that Sony Online (Tim’s favorite company), has a Stargate Online Trading Card Game? Me either.
  • Dr. Who Online is reporting that Weta Limited, the guys behind the SFX for The Lord Of The Rings movies, have announced a series of collectible statues based on Dr. Who. From SFX, to collectibles to Man Melters, is there anything Weta can’t do?
  • Kevin McKidd, star of the upcoming SF series Journeyman (on NBC), gives some details about the series. It has a Quantum Leap feel to it, only focused more on his life. Sounds kinda interesting, then he gets to the Bat Cave analogy and then it starts to sound….silly.
  • Socialist Worker Online (fight the man!) has a quick take on Heroes. I quote: “It shows that television science fiction can raise issues about the state of the world.” I guess the original Star Trek or Twilight Zone don’t count? Either that or Socialists don’t remember the 50’s and 60’s very well, at least in terms of SF on TV.
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5 Comments on Tube Bits for 07/19/2007

  1. Wow. This post is coming to us a year in the future?! 😉

  2. Whoops! Fixed now.

    And I blame John as he was yakking at me over the phone while I was trying to post something constructive.

  3. joshua corning // July 19, 2007 at 8:20 pm //

    Either that or Socialists don’t remember the 50’s and 60’s very well, at least in terms of SF on TV.


    How can you say in the year 2007 that socialists of all people might not have a very good recollection of the past 50 years?

    Impossible I say!

  4. Bob Hawkins // July 19, 2007 at 8:39 pm //

    Socialism rejects history.

    History rejects socialism.

  5. No news is good news.

    Your turn.

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