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Tube Bits For 07/26/2007

  • Gate World has an interview with David Hewett, who plays Dr. Rodney McKay on Stargate Atlantis. We get the usual stuff about the upcoming season, then he lets loose with a little nugget that he, among others, has been working on a pilot script for a potential series on Sci Fi. This series would be called Starcrossed, and would be about all the behind the scenes silliness that takes place on the set of a science fiction show, sort of a take on The Office, with a SF flavor. Interesting. [via You Know What The Goa’uld Really Want From Us?]
  • If you’re interested in Comic-Con 2007, and you have an Xbox 360, then you might like to know that Xbox Live Marketplace will have a veritable cornucopia of Comic-Con stuff available for your viewing pleasure. Game trailers, interviews, 360 themes, all kinds of stuff. Sadly, all I can do is stew in envy juices as I wait for my 360 coffin to arrive.
  • And now for a bunch of Heroes stuff. has a short article that covers some info on season 2. These may spoil some stuff for you so beware.
  • If you really want to be spoiled, then has cast photos for season 2. And I do mean spoil. Just seeing the people there brings up numerous questions. Dont’ go unless you really, really want to. You have been warned. Repeatedly. Bad Heroes fan!
  • And lastly, Ubisoft is apparently working on a game, set in the Heroes universe. More info may, or may not, be disclosed during Comic-Con 2007. The mind boggles at the possibilites here, with the number one thought being: “It’s a game based on a TV show, how can it possibly not suck?”
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  1. Hmmm…do they know about the behind-the-scenes silliness novel by Ben Bova, inspired by his experiences on the set of “The Starlost”, which was called…The Starcrossed?

  2. Uh, shouldn’t that be the XBox 360 “ambulance” and not “coffin?” They’re going to repair the console, not give them a new one, right?

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