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Tuesday YouTube: Star Trek Double Feature

Fanboy has found an interview that Tom Snyder did with some of the cast members of the original Star Trek (Bones, Scotty, and Chekov). See also: Parts two, three, four and five. Harlan Ellison also makes an appearance and gets into it a little bit with Scotty in part 5, calling it “a cop show in space”. I’m wondering who would win in a fist fight between the two.

Meanwhile, on the lighter side, SciFi Scanner has unearthed an endorsement for enterprise software by Jonathan Frakes in full Commander Riker gear, hawking for his life on the bridge of the Enterprise. Wait ’til Picard hears that Harold was sitting in his Captain’s chair.

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2 Comments on Tuesday YouTube: Star Trek Double Feature

  1. The world of infomercials is a dark and scary one indeed.

  2. Commander Riker does an Infomercial

    Via SFSignal, a link to a blog which has unearthed a Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker, Star Trek the Next Generation) infomercial for corporate software. He does the informercial in his Commander Uniform, from the bridge of the Enterprise….

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