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Genre TV: ABC Family Channel and Sci Fi Channel

This is the last in our series looking at the upcoming genre shows on TV (see ABC, CBS, The CW and Fox and NBC). Today we’re focusing on the ABC Family Channel and the Sci Fi Channel, each with only one new show, so this will be short and sweet.

Fallen (ABC Family)

Premier: 08/03/2007 – 08/05/2007

They Say: “Jealous Lucifer waged war on Heaven – and lost. The Creator imprisoned him in Hades and exiled his disloyal followers. These Angels fell to Earth, where they corrupted humans and sired Nephilim. Enraged, the Creator rejected those offspring as abominations and sent fierce warrior angels called the Powers to purify the Earth.”


We Say: Fallen is based on the books by Thomas E. Sniegowski and actually looks rather interesting. If you’re interested at all, all three installments will be show this weekend (Fri. – Sun.) on ABC Family. I’ve heard others say the first installment was pretty good so I’ll probably record that see how good it is.

Flash Gordon (Sci Fi)

Premier: 08/10/2007

They Say: “Placing a 21st century spin on a science fiction classic, SCI FI’s contemporized version of Flash Gordon follows the all-new adventures of Flash and his companions, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. Ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances, they find themselves as Earth’s last line of defense against the forces of the merciless dictator Ming.”


We Say: Could be good, could be cheesy. Could be good and cheesy. If it’s silly fun like Eureka, I’ll be watching a lot. Let’s hope Sci Fi has created another decent SF TV show as most of the new genre shows aren’t SF at all.

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  1. The effects on Fallen alone look impressive for ABC Family channel. I’ll be taping it.

    They’re showing episode 1 on Friday, a few more installments on Saturday (2 or 3 times each), and all episodes on Sunday. So it might be better just to wait till then to watch. And the schedule is annoyingly confusing. The first episode is movie length, and the rest are broken up into hour-long installments. My DVR is even confused.

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