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POLL RESULTS: Why People Don’t Read Short Fiction

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

What is the primary reason you don’t spend money on short sf/f fiction?



    (113 total votes)

Comments this week:

“…I get review copies…” – Frank

“I don’t spend money on short sf because it’s not a habit with me. I’m used to going to the bookstore and picking out books, not to getting journals in the mail and reading them. I didn’t even know magazines with sf & fantasy existed until I started college. Now I’m just leery to subscribe to a magazine when I’m not sure which would be the best fit for my reading tastes.” – Rachel

“I prefer to wait around until an editor I know and respect puts out an anthology, or to get a collection of shorts by one author that I can expect quality from than just getting the latest issue of Asimov who’s content I’ve found can sometimes be let down. I also read a lot of the free stuff online (or even blog posts) to get an idea about someone, which is what usually leads me to these judgments of which writers and editors I like.” – DJ

“Negative bias in the question….aagghh! Short stories are what the field is all about. The germ of an idea, a character, a world given life. Bountiful abundance is great, yet there is a tendency, especially in fantasy/sf, to forget our foundations.” – Richard Novak

“Asimov’s are worth a purchase, and I’m always willing to check out year’s best anthologies from the library….” – platyjoe

“I’m not a big fan of short fiction. I prefer novels. More time for plot, character development etc… I’ve bought some collections of short fiction from a few of my favorite authors but I even have trouble getting into those. I like a long story.” – Eric

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