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Sleestak Bank

Continuing my renewed fascination with Land of the Lost, I submit the Sleestak bank! This is not to be confused with Sleestak Bank, where all the Sleestaks conduct their financial transactions…

Did they even have any money in Land of the Lost? I’m thinking the economy was more of a first-come-first-served kind of thing. And the Sleestaks were probably the last to get anything since they were as slow as prehistoric molasses, which everyone knows is even slower than modern molasses. I mean, seriously, were these guys (at least I think they were dudes) ever a danger to Will, Holly and their Dad. (Not that we’re so concerned about the Dad after he unceremoniously ditched his kids to high-tail it back to the comforts of modern conveniences — like indoor plumbing and walking in the park without fear of being eaten by a poorly-animated Tyrannosaurus Rex.) I mean, nobody was ever really threatened by these loitering, prehistoric lizard-things with giant gem-like eyes, were they?

WILL: Hey, Holly…we’re here in the Sleestak caverns. Let’s play a card game!


WILL: How about we play War?

HOLLY: That game takes forever. What if the Sleestaks come near?

WILL: That’s OK, we’ll have plenty of time to finish our game.

[ Interlude: poorly-animated herbivore eating plant to signify the passage of time ]

WILL: 1..2..3..War!

HOLLY: Will! Look out! There’s a Sleestak right behind you!

SLEESTAK: Ssssssssssssss…

[ Will rolls his eyes, sighs, gathers the cards, gets up, does some calisthenics, and wanders out of the cave for a bit, then leaves. ]

HOLLY: Whew..that was close!

[via Optical Popitude]

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5 Comments on Sleestak Bank

  1. Before ST:remastered, there were a number of attempts to doll up the original Trek episodes with new effects.

    So why haven’t the YouTube super-editors done fan-remasters of LotL? Some CGI dino’s, Sleestak leaping about like Aliens, some Skylons zipping about. It would be sweet.

  2. Matte Lozenge // August 24, 2007 at 5:54 pm //
  3. There’s nothing you can’t find on the Internet. 🙂

  4. joshua corning // August 25, 2007 at 4:59 am //

    wasn’t there like an episode where a speaking intelligent and normal speed sleestak joined the human band and said he was from the future and the sleestaks were distant ancestors but then at the end of the episode he found some sleestak writing or some such artifact and discovered that the sleestaks were not in fact his ancestors but in fact devolved decedents and he in fact had traveled from the past?

    That was a great episode.

  5. Yup, Enik was the Sleestak from the future. The episode was written by Walter Koenig (of ST & B5 fame), but in the last season they pretty much soured the concept with just plain bad writing.

    I watched it again recently as an adult via Netflix (which had the annoying habit of sending me discs from the series Lost instead of Land of the Lost!)

    It was at times better than I remembered and far worse than I remembered (mainly in the last season which basically through a lot of the intriguing concepts out the window.)

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