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Tube Bits For 08/04/2007

  • I Am Addicted has some interesting Dr. Who links for you, including a Dalek cake, a DIY Dalek and a knitted Dalek. Which looks sweet.
  • Sybil’s’ Garage has a slight rant on the paucity of good science fiction on TV. They use Erueka as an example of non-good SF TV. I can see their point, as the technobabble has increased this season, but I still like it because it’s goofy fun, and it isn’t about science, but the characters. But the bigger point still stands: there really isn’t much good science fiction on TV.
  • It appears that The Dresden Files has finally been cancelled by Sci Fi. Too bad they didn’t stick to the books, those stories are better than what we got on TV.
  • Fox seems to be at it again, this time with New Amsterdam. The show has been moved to mid-season when people actually watch Fox. That’s a rather interesting reason, and I’m not sure I buy it. It will be replaced with Don’t Forget The Lyrics, which has too much contestant, not enough Wayne Brady.
  • If you didn’t get enough Comic-Con 2007 and you own a (working) Xbox 360, then Xbox Live Marketplace has a ton of content for you to download and watch, including panel discussions and new trailers.
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