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Tube Bits For 08/06/2007

  • La Dolce Vita reminisces about about Time Tunnel, and contrasts his/her childhood memories vs. the realty of the show. Verdict: fun if you’re a kid, not so much as an adult. this can be said of much early TV science fiction. I wonder how well the newer stuff will hold up?
  • Charles G. at Blog Space has a short piece on the Sci-Fi Drive-In at Disney-MGM Studios. As with Charles, I’m from the Star Wars generation, but this place does look kinda fun. I’d definitely visit if I ever get to Disney-MGM. Additional links about the drive-in at the bottom of his post.
  • has a short interview with Damon Lindelof, executive producer of LOST. Damon says LOST wasn’t supposed to be a big hit, they were aiming to be a cult success. Looks like they over achieved.
  • SyFy Portal has an article detailing the future plans for the internet TV show Sanctuary. Apparently a video game is in the works and a jump to the small screen isn’t out of the question.
  • Periodically we find a post about re-imagining/re-booting or updating Star Trek. A poster on SF Fandom is the latest to do so, positing a couple of scenarios that don’t mesh with Rodenberry’s vision, but would certainly add some spice.
  • Variety has a short article covering DVR use in Los Angeles. The upshot being that popular shows display a distinct uptick in ratings when the Nielsen “day plus seven” ratings are viewed. Even less popular shows show an increase in ratings. The results seems to indicate that shows that people are interested in will be recorded. These results are somewhat consistent with our post Does Tivo Kill Science Fiction?
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  1. Wow! Thanks for the kind words. I’ve added your link to my blog. This is a cool page and a great resource. Thanks again for mentioning my story.

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