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Tube Bits For 08/07/2007

  • Sylar, on Heroes, turned out to be somewhat of a paper tiger in the finale. But Tim Kring says the new baddies for season 2 will make Sylar look tame by comparison. Let’s hope we get a better finale too. Also, David Anders of Alias fame has been signed for the entire season. He’ll be playing the part of Kensei. Funny, he doesn’t look like a Japanese warlord. Hmm.
  • Not necessarily science fiction, but TV Geekery has a list of 100 sites to watch TV on the web. You may have to install plug-ins to do it though.
  • Want to see the casting sheet for Trek XI? Now you can! Thanks to SciFi Scanner and Ain’t It Cool News for the info.
  • Jericho has started production on season 2. But the cast wants you to know that they have no plans to stop shooting with only 7 episodes. So if you want their plans to come to fruition, you know what to do. But no watching on Tivo!
  • Apparently being the OC with superpowers isn’t enough for Smallville. MeeVee is saying that former Superman Dean Cain will appear on the show as well has former Supergirl Helen Slater. Supergirl? It’s a toss up between that and Superman IV for worst Superman related movie. Yikes.
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7 Comments on Tube Bits For 08/07/2007

  1. Anyone watch Jericho? Is it worth coming up to speed on?

  2. Hunh… I’m of a different opinion. I think “Supergirl” is the only watchable Superman family film. It’s a camp classic. The Christopher Reeve films are completely awful.

  3. Despite being deeply cheesy, I thought Supergirl was kinda’ fun (although until last month, I was sure it was Alicia Silverstone as Supergirl).

    Lois & Clark made me happy for a couple of Really Good seasons, and then a couple of okay seasons. I haven’t watched Smallville much (too much OC, not enough Superman, you ask me), but I like the thought of Dean Cain coming around. I suppose he won’t be playing Superman, will he… 🙂

  4. Good summation on Smallville, Pete. (Although I thought the accepted convention was Dawson’s Creek with super powers.) That’s the reason I don’t regularly watch it. Of the few I have seen, the Superman parts far outshine the other parts. I just love the way they bring in the Superman mythos. Those poor OC/Dawson noobs are missing half the references.

    Oh, and Dean Cain may not be playing Superman, but it looks like Helen Slater is playing Superman’s Kryptonian mom. Apparently she found a way to avoiding that whole exploding planet thing.

  5. Pete,

    Despite Clark’s super nauseating abilities for super-goodiness, the super hot Kristin Kreuk (with those super beautiful eyes!!) and the super wicked Erica Durance (wish she’s in the show more often) actually makes the show quite watchable. That is, if you ignore the lame-ass “Junior Lifeguard Association” reference…

  6. Sadly I only started to catch Heroes at the end of the season when Sci-Fi ran a marathon of it, and then I didn’t catch the whole thing. Now I’m addicted, though, so I can’t wait to see what they do with it this season!

  7. Was Superman born on Krypton or New Zealand?

    I would suggest that they name their kid, our favorite, “Wil.” Because either Wil or Superman will ensure the kid many many years of therapy and that’s 4Real!!!

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