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Tube Bits For 08/14/2007

  • The Collector’s Edition Serenity DVD is now available. Whedon has said that any future Firefly activity will depend on how well the DVDs sell.
  • From the Unintended Consequences Dept., ABC is having trouble selling commercials to insurance companies for their new Caveman show. Even more interesting is that Geico isn’t sure how to support the show. I’m guessing it has more to do with how bad the show is, rather than being based on Geico related characters.
  • NBC outfitted 20 regular viewers of Heroes with specialized biometric vests, all in an attempt to measure viewer response during DVR playback. They found people were ‘active engaged’ as they fast forwarded through commercials. Well, duh. We’re trying to time the PLAY button just after the last commercial, thanks to the MPAA and others ‘removing’ the 30 second skip feature from most DVRs.
  • An Infinite Number Of Monkeys offers us ten reasons why Battlestar trump Trek. A very interesting read.
  • Pictures of Bulgari points us to The Babylon Project, a wiki whose 500 articles cover a lot of ground. Use in conjunction with The Lurker’s Guide To Babylon 5 to get satisfy your B5 needs.
  • Masters Of Science Fiction nearly doubled its ratings last week to a 1.5 rating. Still really bad, but look at how awful the ratings are for all shows on Saturday night. I wonder how many of those new viewers were LOST fans tuning in to see Terry O’Quinn….
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  1. still says the Serenity SE won’t be out until 08/21/07, so it is still a “pre-order” according to them. It might be selling like hotcakes at Amazon, but they ain’t shipping that puppy yet.

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