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Tube Bits For 08/16/07

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  1. I don’t know about Painkiller Jane, but Sci-fi changed too many elements from the Dresden books. Then they stupidly ran the episodes out of order.

  2. Painkiller Jane sucked a little bit less once you got over the horrible pilot. Then again, sucking less than the pilot is still far from being a compliment.

    Cross777, for The Dresden Files there were only two episodes that were similar to the books, so it’s hard to say they ran the whole series out of order. They only ran one episode out of order. Problem was, it was the pilot, which they decided to stick somewhere mid-season.

    They also, which was worse, didn’t bother changing any of the various thing they changed between the pilot and the rest of the series, so watching the pilot episode was a partially surreal experience, and I kept expecting for a reveal about how Dresden was moved to some parallel universe, or it’s a dream, or whatever. Terrible move on their part.

    I don’t fault them for changing the series a lot from the books, though. I believe the TV version of Bob was more fitting for a TV adaptation. And in the books there are about two large intertwined plot lines per book, something that’s very hard to do in a 40 minutes show.

    What they did with Bianca, though, that was just creepy.

  3. Glad you like the Doctor Who post I wrote!

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