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Tube Bits For 08/21/07

  • In case you’ve been under a rock, it seems that Veronica Mars‘ Kristen Bell is set to appear on Heroes. She’ll play a mysterious yet sexy stranger who commits a horrible crime in a multi-episode story arc. Image of Ms. Bell as Princess Leia (you’re welcome John) courtesy of
  • BuddyTV analyzes Chuck‘s timeslot. As a lead in to Heroes, you’d think it would have an advantage. But its up against the Dancing With The Stars juggernaut, so its already fighting for ratings leftovers before it even starts. This is one show I’m looking forward to seeing. NBC can chalk up my infinitesimal rating point right now.
  • Following in the hallowed footsteps of the Sci Fi Channel, RHI Entertainment announced a slate of made for Video On Demand movies. Each movie will be made for about $3 million a piece, which is what Sci Fi strives for in its cinematic offerings. After their runs, the movies will be made available on iTunes at to cable channels like Sci Fi. But do we really need more Mansquito-quality movies, from providers not named Sci Fi?
  • 80’s Actual takes a look at the 1980’s version of Dr. Who, post Tom Baker. They call it an ‘unsettled time’ for Dr. Who. Never being into the show, I can’t say, but Colin Baker’s outfit is tasteless.
  • Brit_actors points us to the news that the David Tennant version of Dr. Who will be getting a comic book in 2008. The sketches actually look pretty good.
  • And the Dr. Who info keeps coming. (Spoiler alert for Series 4) How about a little Doctor on Doctor action? If Peter Jackson says it, it must be true! Thanks to Bill S. for the link.
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  1. SPOILER ALERT: I am a huge fan of multiple-Doctor episodes–all three current ones are among my very favorites–and I’ve been drooling for another one ever since the series came back in 2005. Although I must say I was hoping for The Four Doctors since we already have The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors. (Can you imagine getting a whole bunch of make-up and a wig and a corset to bring Tom Baker back to the role?!) But another Two Doctors is fine by me! (I think Mr. Davison will be getting a wig and some make-up.)

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