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Tube Bits For 08/23/07

  • Over on Amazon’s Screening Room Blog, Stephanie Reid-Simons is

    giving the Flash Gordon a chance. I disagree with the first reason, somewhat disagree with the second, and the third doesn’t matter if the show is crap.

  • The (Australian) has a short article on David Duchovny and his new Showtime show Californication. Lots of adult themed discussion here so be warned.
  • Buddy TV looks at the recasting of Jamie Sommers’ sister in Bionic Woman and decides the show is going for style over substance. And, given the facts, I think they are right. I’ll still tune in to see what the show is like.
  • Sy Fy Portal takes a look at genre series that died too soon. Lot’s of interesting shows here, many of which I’ve never seen. At all. I may have to check them out. Somehow.
  • We’ve mentioned Sanctuary, the online only SF-ish series, before. All of the episodes are available for purchase from the home sight, and now, many of them are available in HD via Vuze, the online ‘network’ brought to you by the guys behind the bittorrent client, Azureus. The first episode is free to watch. Mmm, free HD goodness. [Thanks to Shanee Ben-Zur for the tip!]
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