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Tube Bits For 08/25/07

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Has nothing interesting to say so in the interest of time, will get on with not saying it.

2 Comments on Tube Bits For 08/25/07

  1. Kevin Smith directing an episode of “Battlestar Galactica.” Now THAT’S freakin’ awesome! Hopefully Jay and Silent Bob will cameo just standing up against the wall in uniform in some corridor, and then get scolded by Colonel Tigh for loafing.

  2. I had to read the MST3K story since I’d followed and I’ve been a fan of the show from pretty close to the beginning (except the only in Minnesota period.)

    One thing I will disagree with is the comment: “It’s snarky, Gen-X humor, ”

    Not so much. That style of humor goes back way, way before Gen-X (even ignoring the fact that Gen-X is hardly a monolithic group.) And heck all the creators of the show are Boomers and not Gen-X. Always better to leave the ageist and generational assumptions to side…

    And you know while Manos is bad I don’t think it’s even the worst movie they covered. There’s stuff way, worst out there (heck I even own a few of them…)

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