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Tube Bits For 08/28/07

  • offers a short article with McG, director of the upcoming NBC series Chuck. I’m kinda looking forward to seeing how this nerd comedy pans out.
  • James Rummel at Hell In A Handbasket takes a look at the guns of Battlestar Galactica. Lots of interesting stuff on the personal firearms, including a shot of Tim’s obsession, Boomer, with a drawn gun.
  • Countess_Baltar takes a seemingly anti-producer stance, using their own words, against the producers of Galactica. Interesting.
  • Gramarye has some observations on the BBC show, Jekyll. I know there are ways to see this on this side of the pond, BBC America being on of them, but I haven’t caught it yet. Any have any thoughts? Is it worth a view?
  • And the Heroes onslaught continues. This time, Kring and Co. have create a website for the Yamagato Fellowship, a fictitious organization with links to Takezo Kensei. Supposedly there will be five short documentaries on Kensei’s life and will explain why he is a Caucasian. Could be interesting.
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