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Turks! In! Spaaaace! (Turkish Star Trek)

It’s amazing the stuff you can find hiding out on these interwebs. Luckily, we have YouTube to actually show us all the weird stuff people have put on video or film. Like this complete rip-off of Star Trek from, I think, Turkey. Just take a gander at the hawsomeness .

Hoo boy, that’s really something. I guess they ran out of fabric for all the female uniforms. And is it just me, or is the Turkish Kirk ready to set phasers to fabulous? Enjoy all 9 parts, if you can.

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3 Comments on Turks! In! Spaaaace! (Turkish Star Trek)

  1. joshua corning // August 26, 2007 at 6:46 pm //

    at the 02:55 mark….what the hell is that look?

  2. I think Turkish Kirk might have had his smile implanted. It looks quite plasticized. 😀

  3. Anonymous // May 13, 2009 at 7:52 am //

    booy that’s an amazing parody, anyone who grew up with fancy hollywood movies can’t understand and enjoy it as much as we turks, turist ömer rulezzz 😀

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