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Arthur C. Clarke’s Google Lunar X PRIZE Message

Here’s Arthur C. Clarke on Google’s Luna X PRIZE. “One small step for Google” indeed.

Notice the library shelf behind him. That’s, what, like 80 copies of his various 2001 books and sequels? I’d call him egotistical but he’s got fewer than I do. (I kid! Or do I….?)

[via Mundane-SF, who puts their own spin on it]

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3 Comments on Arthur C. Clarke’s Google Lunar X PRIZE Message

  1. That is a strange assortment of books behind him.

    And the Mundane-SF crowd… :sigh:

  2. Clarke’s nickname when he was more a fan than a writer was “Ego”. And I think you might want to look at the name of his yearly personal message for another hint.

  3. All, the multi-copies on ACC’s bookshelf are different editions of each novel, often international publications. Don’t confuse ACC’s wry Brit humour with self-aggrandizement or egoism with egotism. Arthur is a wonderful human being and an amazing intellect who has earned some “I told you so’s”. His upcoming 90th birthday coincides with the 50th anniversary of the space age, some of which he predicted, some of which he inspired, and all of which we owe him a personal nod everytime we use a telephone, watch TV or use GPS.

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