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Caption Challenge #5: Poothulu Edition

My last caption challenge involving Mr. Scalzi just did not seem to have the appeal that some of our previous ones have. While I am saddened by this lack of response, I am not unwilling to continue the effort. This all brings us to a discussion we were having regarding the upcoming Kingdom Hearts CCG from Fantasy Flight Games. Some felt that the game really needed a little H. P. Lovecraft to really make the game accessible, and we bantered about possible characters. Poothulu was one that came up and our resident artist, Trent, took that job to task to create our newest entry. I am sure the emotions generated by this will include shock, outrage, humor, and disdain, but alas I am only the messenger of the great unnamed bear….

13 Comments on Caption Challenge #5: Poothulu Edition

  1. “Eeyores pain was legendary… and then he died.” :-@

    (To be honest, Tim came up with “Poothulu” I just photoshop’d it.)

  2. “That’s the Very Best piece of ass I’ve had,” Poohthulu said.

    IaYor! IaYor! Poothulu F’Taghn.

    “Oh Dear,” Pig-Lethotep nodded, before his soul was swallowed whole by the Elder Stuffed One.

    – excerpt from Shadow over Hundred Acre’s Woods.


    or something like “Oh bother” or “Silly old bear!”

  4. “Eyore’s brains were very quietly calling me from across the room, so I thought I might have a smackerel or so.”

  5. “I am in ur pre-skools, enjoyen ur kidz”

  6. joshua corning // September 6, 2007 at 7:08 pm //

    Tastes like raw bacon served on a cat.

  7. Hum dum de dum, hum dum de dum

    I’m so rumbly in my tumbly

    Time to munch an early luncheon

    Time for something sweet

    Why change a word?

  8. Thanks for cheering our Friday afternoon in the Solaris office.

    Two thoughts occurred to us:

    Unless we were hallucinating way back when we read it, Mark E Rogers’ first Samurai Cat book featured a copy of The Necronomicon allegedly illustrated by EH Shepherd (cue gorgeous illustration of one of the cats reading a copy of “Winnie the Cthulhu”).

    And secondly, this is cool, but how exciting would Dr Whothulhu be?

  9. Yes, these were all fantastic. Group hug.

    Solaris should reward us all with fabulous prizes. 😉

  10. Got to the blog late today. Not sure if I have time to “chop” Dr. Who and Cthulhu, but I will defiantly make an attempt Monday-ish?

  11. To back up what Marcus said, Mark E. Rogers is like the Steve Allen of fandom parody. If something looks familiar, it probably means Rogers did it first.

  12. Whoops! I meant Marco.



  13. joshua corning // September 8, 2007 at 2:54 am //

    The empty calories of Democrat brains makes Chathulu pooh plump.

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