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Even More Free Fiction, with Excerpts

…and the freebies from continues…

Empire by Clifford D. Simak. (1951)

Spencer Chambers frowned at the space gram on the desk before him. John Moore Mallory. That was the man who had caused so much trouble in the Jovian elections. The trouble maker who had shouted for an investigation of Interplanetary Power. The man who had said that Spencer Chambers and Interplanetary Power were waging economic war against the people of the Solar System.

Bread Overhead” by Fritz Leiber (1958)

As a blisteringly hot but guaranteed weather-controlled future summer

day dawned on the Mississippi Valley, the walking mills of Puffy Products (“Spike to Loaf in One Operation!”) began to tread delicately on their centipede legs across the wheat fields of Kansas.

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