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Friday YouTube Bonus Edition: Yatta!

In today’s Tube Bits, there is a story about how Masi Oka, via his character Hiro, introduced the Japanese word ‘Yatta’ to American TV viewers. He uses the phrase a lot in Heroes, but the iconic image is of Hiro, with arms raised and outstretched, in Times Square. Below is a short clip of this scene:

Well, awhile back my brother had sent me a music video link to a Japanese group whose song is ‘Yatta’. I found the link again on YouTube, and I thought I’d give you a look at how the Japanese use the word in pop culture. Warning: Those of you with easily upset stomachs or weak constitutions may not want to view the clip. It’s disturbing in a uniquely Japanese way..

No need to thank me.

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  1. Old meme is old.

  2. joshua corning // September 22, 2007 at 12:58 pm //

    When did JP become pure evil?

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