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New Fall TV Shows: The Deadpool

The new Fall TV schedule is fast approaching, and the networks have been busy adding genre shows to their scheduled to capture Heroes lightning in a bottle again. We’ve covered the new shows earlier and our feelings haven’t changed: most of these shows are destined for the cancellation bin. But which ones and, more importantly, who will be first?

That’s where you come in. I’ve listed the new shows premiering in the next couple of weeks on the big broadcast networks (I’ve given The CW the benefit of the doubt). Your job is to decide which of these 6 shows will get the axe first and when. So a typical comment would be: Moonlight – 1 episode (09/29). Feel free to tell us why and, yes, I know none of these shows have premiered yet, although you can get the NBC ones on Amazon’s Unbox service. I’m asking you to put your prognostication powers to the test and wow us with your predictive abilities.

The nominees:

Pushing Daisies (Oct. 3, ABC)

Moonlight (09/28, CBS)

Reaper (09/25, The CW)

Bionic Woman (09/26, NBC)

Chuck (09/26, NBC)

Journeyman (09/26, NBC)

The winner will receive the respect and admiration of the SF Signal reader community. Surely a prize worth more than mere money or material wealth.

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  1. Most responding to the poll don’t like any of the shows although that may change in the middle of the season. I think right now it’s too early to tell.

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