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Pilot Night In America: Monday, 09/24/07

And so the great genre ‘revitalization’ of 2007 begins! Tonight, NBC does it’s part to bring new genre shows to the masses, with two new shows, and one returning. Let’s see what they are offering:

8PM ET – Chuck kicks things off, bringing a lighter hearted look at being a Nerd working for a mass market electronics retailer. Mix in some stolen government secrets and special ops ninjas, and you have Chuck. Certainly something I’ll be checking out, hoping it can be entertaining in a Eureka-type manner. But of course, Chuck is really the lead-in for:

9PM ET – Heroes returns tonight, and I know its not a pilot but still, it’s the first episode of season 2, so consider it a pilot for this season. With many returning cast members and some questions left over from last season, this season has some explaining to do and, in my mind, needs to kick it up a notch to redeem itself from the let down of the season 1 finale. Can NBC keep the fire going this season? We’ll see. At least it isn’t Flash Gordon bad.

10PM ET – Journeyman follows Heroes in an attempt by NBC to get viewers to stay tuned for another hour. For me, the synopsis just doesn’t sound that interesting, being a Quantum Leap type clone that will focus more on characters than anything else. I’m not sure this one will last too long. Our reviewer Scott seems to agree.

So what will you be watching tonight and will you watch it live or recorded? Count me in the recorded group for Chuck and Heroes.

And because we here at SF Signal love our readers, we’ve created a chat room for everyone to join to discuss the new shows as you watch them! I know, exciting. You can find the room below. I’m not sure when I’ll be joining, probably sometime after 9pm CT, for kid based reasons. You’ll need to leave the browser set on this page to keep your chat name, but otherwise, the room is active right now so have fun!

See the expended entry for the chat widget!

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