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POLL RESULTS: Is The Tron Remake a Good Idea?

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Is a remake of Tron a good idea?


(111 total votes)

Comments this week:

“I don’t think Tron needs a remake. The original was great. That being said, if this was to be some sort of follow-up/sequel/whatever, I’d be pretty nervous about modern Hollywood screwing it up. And yet, you never know until it hits the screen.” – bloginhood

“The only thing going for the original were the special fx: the story was lame, the acting lame and really, the fx were lame as well. Might as well remake Buck Rodgers while we’re at it….” – platyjoe

“On the one hand, Tron is a classic piece of science fiction history. On the other hand, when I watched it as an adult, it seemed more like a bizarre piece of German expressionist filmmaking. So I’m not as against a remake as I would have first thought. Maybe it’ll take the science fiction out of the German expressionist and give us a really cool sci-fi movie. It depends on who writes it and how much they care about it. And if it does well enough, maybe we’ll get a sequel (the Tron 2.0 video game was stellar).” – Pete Tz.

“I forget…how was the first one any good?” – joshua corning

“Good or bad idea? I don’t know, but I’d prefer if the producers and directors have new ideas.” – Carles

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