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SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #2

As previously mentioned, yours truly is currently guest-blogging at AMC TV’s SciFi Scanner blog. Here’s another roundup of the posts I did there.

  1. Upcoming Sci-Fi DVDs to Get Excited About
  2. I So Want an i-SOBOT
  3. Monsters and Aliens Moved Up
  4. H.G. Wells Takes Manhattan
  5. Omega Returns with Jonathan Lethem
  6. Lucas Loosens Up
  7. What to Watch If a Meteor is Headed for Earth
  8. Justice League of America Finally Coming to the Big Screen
  9. Sci-Fi’s Law of Jude
  10. Siskel and Ebert and Roeper, Oh My!
  11. Alien Coffee Table
  12. Caves Found on Mars
  13. Lightsaber Game Comes to the Nintendo Wii

See also: SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #1.

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2 Comments on SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #2

  1. Nice “Sci-Fi’s Law of Jude” article. Quoting the first comment there regarding Spielberg’s A.I. (Spoiler Alert):

    “…when benevolent space aliens arrive on earth and thaw out said little boy…”

    I’m amazed at the number of people who misunderstood the ending of A.I. in this manner. Those space aliens were robots. The little boy: also a robot. The whole movie was about robots. Why the nearly universal confusion?

    It seems to have prevented all meaningful discussion of the actual ending: humans are nowhere to be found on a frozen earth, but their machines have continually improved themselves for thousands of years, attaining god-like powers which they use for peaceful purposes (as far as we can see). Something like the Asimov/Moravec view that robots are just our children and we should not fear being replaced by them any more than we fear that our organic children and grandchildren will replace us and take over (which they will). Is this outcome likely, desirable, satisyfing? I’ve never heard the discussion get that far.

  2. Good points, Grant. And insightful observations! The usual impressions I see about AI are usually the “meh” variety and so, I suppose, no one is interested in further discussion.

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