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SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #3

As previously mentioned, yours truly had a guest-blogging gig at AMC TV’s SciFi Scanner blog. Here’s the final roundup of the posts I did there.

  1. Ender’s Game Not Dead Yet
  2. 7 Sci-Fi Movies For Parents to Share with Their Kids
  3. Mmmmm…Rayguns…
  4. Playthings for the Serious Doctor Who Fan
  5. Bill Pullman’s Theatrical Space Odyssey
  6. The Sci-Fi Blockbuster From Russia
  7. Sci-Fi Scanner Weekly Roundup
  8. Michael Bay Attached to 2012?
  9. Geek T-Shirts
  10. Avatar News
  11. Two Stargate Direct-To-DVD Movies Due
  12. 7 Superior Sci-Fi Sequels

There’s also another one that they are holding off until publishing until November so they can tie it in with a promotion.

See also: SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #1 and SciFi Scanner Post Roundup #2.

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