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SF Tidbits for 9/14/07

  • Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist interviews Jeff Somers, author of the way-cool The Electric Church. Here’s Jeff on the lack of respect of sf: “I like it this way. This way, we get to be ominous and disreputable. The Ominous and Disreputable Writers who Smoked and Drank Too Much. Want to join?”
  • John Scalzi interviews Jim C. Hines, author of Goblin Hero. “I’m sorry, but Shrek is no ogre. He’s a big, strong, ugly human with lousy table manners.” [via The Swivet]
  • has a video for the book The Legacy of the Force, which includes interviews with the book’s authors, Aaron Allston and Troy Denning.
  • That’s not Cthulhu…That’s a Martian! Bob Eggleton previews the cover of Mike Resnick’s upcoming anthology, Alternate Roosevelts.
  • SciFiChick rounds up a bunch of sf/f book excerpts.
  • James Nicoll talks about why modern sf writers should read Fred Hoyle’s science fiction.
  • Here’s another one for writers: How to Write Bad Science Fiction. “An article on how to write bad science fiction may seem to be at odds with the average writer’s ambition to write a science fiction novel that sells a few million copies before being adapted as a screenplay until you pause to consider that there hasn’t been a decent work of science fiction since the original screenplay for Planet of the Apes!” Discuss…
  • BoingBoing points us to a Welsh priest who is planning a Doctor-Who-themed service to attract the youngsters:
  • Look! Up in the Sky! It’s a bird…it’s a plane. No, it’s a Superman Laptop and coat hanger. [via Neatorama]
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  1. I dunno, I thought “I Robot” with Will Smith was pretty decent. I’ll see almost anything with WIll Smith in it 🙂

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