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Still Even More Free Fiction, with Excerpts

…and the freebies from continues…

–And Devious the Line of Duty” by Tom Godwin (1962)

“We’re almost there, my boy.” The big, gray-haired man who would be Lieutenant Dale Hunter’s superior–Strategic Service’s Special Agent, George Rockford–opened another can of beer, his fifth. “There will be intrigue already under way when this helicopter sets down with us. Attempted homicide will soon follow. The former will be meat for me. You will be meat for the latter.”

Jubilation, U.S.A.” by G.L. Vandenburg (1959)

Toryl pointed the small crypterpreter toward the wooden, horseshoe-shaped sign. The sign’s legend was carved in bright yellow

letters. Sartan, Toryl’s companion, watched up and down the open highway for signs of life. In seconds the small cylindrical mechanism completed the translation.

The sign said: JUBILATION, U.S.A.!! The doggondest, cheeriest little town in America!

The two aliens smiled at each other. Unaccustomed to oral conversation, they exchanged thoughts.

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