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Tube Bits For 09/05/07

  • The Saucer News tells us that

    SF is alive and well… just not on the SF channel. Well, we knew that about the Sci Fi Channel. But where does it live on? Why on Discovery and Animal Planet. After reading his thoughts, I tend to agree. They are doing lots of fascinating science shows that can be construed as having some sort of SF element to bring them to us.

  • And now for some good news for Sci Fi: A Think Tank Of One watched Sci Fi’s original movie, Black Hole and decided it was actually pretty good. I never saw it so I can’t comment, other than to say, whenever I see Judd Nelson, I think of Barry Manilow.
  • Over at TV Jab, they have posted their Top 10 SF Shows of All Time. Wow, that is heavily populated with recent SF shows. Heroes better than Babylon 5? Um, no. Wait, who even knew that Heroes, or LOST were even SF?? And ST:TNG is NOT the best SF of all time.
  • The Modesto Bee gives us their take on the new Fall schedule. Looks like Chuck might be pretty good after all.
  • Screen Head wonders if ABC is deliberately trying to kill Pushing Daisies. Saying that full episodes won’t be placed on the web for later viewing tells me ABC doesn’t ‘get’ the Internet, or the people who use it. The idea is to build interest. How can you do that if people can’t even see the show? Once again, stupid decisions by a network is bittorrent’s gain, even if it kills the show.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 09/05/07

  1. I rated The Black Hole (Disney 1979) version #11 on my list of favorite SF/F movie list

  2. joshua corning // September 6, 2007 at 1:46 am //

    Other shows like The Future Is Wild have done essentially the same theme only extrapolating into the ecosystems of the future.

    These shows annoyed the crap out of me…to speculate as to future species and future ecosystems and call it science is complete bullshit.

    But to look at as sci fi….I might have to give these shows a second chance.

  3. joshua corning // September 8, 2007 at 3:09 am //

    All of the stuff that makes their movies usually suck was absent. The science was pretty accurate. Embellished a bit, but then it’s all theory right now. What they said actually made sense. They also kept the romance to a dull roar instead of the gratuitous romp in the sack that we see in other productions.

    The ending was well done. They don’t just lop off the story and run credits.

    yeah but did it have Maximilian in hell?

    I think not.

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