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Tube Bits For 09/06/07

  • SyFy Portal has some good news and some good news about Eureka and Flash Gordon and their chances for more seasons. It’s what you would think.
  • That break that Sci Fi wants to take to split Galactica into two shorter series? Yeah, it might be only 1 month now. Shorter is better. Non-existent is best.
  • Fresh from dumping Apple, NBC has moved on to Amazon’s Unbox service. No word on how much the episodes will cost, but I can’t see this as being a good move in the short term.
  • Is it possible that Galactica could hit NBC this fall? Well, the writers may strike in October, leaving the networks with no new episodes to show. Certainly, NBC could turn to Sci Fi and USA to add shows to its lineup, like Galactica and Burn Notice. Both of which I think are better than most shows on broadcast TV right now. Of course, with the writers on strike, they’d have to show older episodes, but at least it would be something new to most people, and not re-runs.
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6 Comments on Tube Bits For 09/06/07

  1. Agreed. NBC’s move was stupid. I don’t think NBC can afford to be cavalier when they are a one trick pony. (Heroes)

    Also, if you run the numbers, the price point they want makes the online purchase more (With lower display resolution and commercials you can’t remove!) than buying the Heroes DVD set and ripping the DVD’s yourself.

    Corporate Greed FTW!

  2. Yeah, I got to admit I wasn’t thrilled by this but it was expected. Prelude to this there was a lot of stuff that was available at unbox and itunes last season that would routinely appear the day after on unbox but often frequently and sometimes substantially later on itunes. Which certainly made one wonder.

    iTunes is far from perfect but as a whole it works. I tried unbox its premiere weekend but wasn’t overly thrilled with it. I didn’t like the constant on connection to amazon and the invasive check for videos.

    Has it improved any?

  3. Tivo has a built-in connection to Unbox which downloads directly – it works great. Of course, given how few Tivo units are out there I’m not sure how valuable this is to NBC.

  4. Yeah I have purchased from Amazon Unbox on my Tivo S3 as well Scott. I like the service some. It needs HD downloads ASAP. But NBC is being greedy and I won’t reward them with a purchase this time. Plus, they are still running Heroes reruns and my Tivo is doing a fine job of collecting the whole series without any help from me.

  5. Please, oh please let the idea of Galactica reruns on NBC become a reality. I don’t have cable, so I have only caught one episode of the show and I would LOVE to see more. Just, start at the beginning. Please?

  6. I’d definitely be sad to see Flash go. People have slammed it, but I’ve always liked the story and the show has definitely gotten better as time has gone on. Lots of shows start out slow, but at least give it a chance to gain some footing.

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