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Tube Bits For 09/13/07

  • According to Filmstalker, Erin Gray is floating a rumor that Buck Rogers may be in for a ‘re-imagining’. Galactica shows, given the right people, that campy 70’s SF TV can be made good again. Of course, Rogers has a lot more history than just the TV show. Should ‘they’ even try to make it serious? Do you even want to see Twiki without the voice of Mel Blanc? And, the most serious question of all, who would play Wilma?
  • The Daily Texan claims that shows like Caveman make the new fall TV lineup look ‘promising’. If they keep this kind of thing up, the alumni association will hear from me!
  • NBC has just released the official episode descriptions for Heroes. Set your DVRs as Heroes returns September 24th at 9pm EST.
  • Sy Fy Portal looks at science fiction on TV and doesn’t like what’s happening. He’s has some interesting points here. Definitely worth a read.
  • Many of us remember the great Japanese superhero Ultraman, but did you know there was a contemporary figure called Ultra Seven? Well, there was and this year is his 40th anniversary. To celebrate, Tsuburaya Productions is creating a new series called UltraSeven X, the X makes it cooler I guess. The show is about an alien invasion whose goal is to exterminate mankind. Hmm, V anyone? There will be 12 episodes and it will be broadcast on three different stations. Anyway, check out the nice pics on the site and I’ll be adding SciFiJapan to my feed list. Now, if I only knew someone who lives in Japan who could record these for me…

EDIT UPDATE: Pointed broken UltraSeven X link to SciFiJapan’s page. JP, I hope that’s what you meant…

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4 Comments on Tube Bits For 09/13/07

  1. I do not agree with the Sy Fy Portal piece.

    The fan community has notices a downward spiral in the quality of sf programming especially on the SciFi Channel. Remember SciFi Fridays of old. The community has but one tool in its arsenal that can garner any results and that is its viewing. If indeed ungarnered support is given to sf programing simply on the basis of it being sf I believe that we would find ourselves inundated in shows of even worse quality which would seem like success due to our again unwavering support. Just because we might fear that there will be no sf does not mean we must satisfy for below standard shows. Only if we show we have good taste and integrity, and are willing to support the good shows like BSG will we ever hope of being taken seriously.

  2. You linked to the second page of the Sy Fy Portal article. It begins at .

  3. UltraSeven X link is broken! Waaahhhh!!

    Nevermind, I just fixed it assuming it’s the correct link…

  4. A few thoughts on Buck Rogers, if I may be so bold:

    Hard to imagine a remake (or whatever) being any worse, but if the SciFi Channel has anything to do with it, it’s sure a distinct possibility.

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