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Tube Bits For 09/19/07

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5 Comments on Tube Bits For 09/19/07

  1. Ok, I’m afraid the Heroes love has stepped into Firefly territory. I wouldn’t direct an episode if I were Tarantino either. The show hasn’t proven itself yet and in fact shows signs of sucking right out the door next season – we’ll have to see though.

    At any rate – more popular than any of Tarantino’s movies?


    That’s my new way to say “baseless admiration.”

  2. Chris Johnston // September 19, 2007 at 9:08 am //

    So, Firefly had no redeeming qualities?

  3. On no, it definitely has redeeming qualities. I enjoyed the series on the whole. But the fan-base and praise is over the top, in my opinion. I’ve also yet to hear any real justification for lines like, “best [or even one of the best] sci-fi shows ever.” I’m not going to tell a person they can’t enjoy a show, but there’s gotta be a reason for saying something like that.

    To say Heroes is more popular than any of Tarantino’s movies is reactionary and, frankly, not true. I have this feeling that people praise Heroes so much because they desperately hope genre TV is back. Heroes hasn’t done anything overly impressive yet and it still has a long way to go before it wins my loyalty. As with Firefly, I enjoy Heroes, but I’m maintaining some healthy suspicion.

  4. Summary. Heroes is overrated.

    I agree. It’s very good (one of the 4 sci-fi shows I do watch) but flawed.

  5. Hmm, so Kevin Smith is removed as a director due to “scheduling conflicts” (which most people are assuming means he was fired). Then Tarantino is offered the job but rejects it. Kind of odd… are they running out of TV directors in LA or something?

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