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Tube Bits For 09/21/07

  • Sy Fy Portal is reporting that the looming writers and actors strikes are the reasons behind the possible split of Galactica into two seasons. The same thing could happen to Eureka and other shows speculates their source. If this is true, we should be seeing repercussions throughout TV land. With the wealth of entertainment options available, the networks simply can’t afford a huge strike. Expect a resolution in favor of the writers and actors before all is said and done.
  • The Daily Yomiuri Online has a short article on Masi Oka concerning his use of the word ‘Yatta!’ and its apparent introduction into the American lexicon. Originally, Kring wanted to use the word ‘banzai’, but Masi lobbied against it for its war-like connotations, and ‘yatta’ was selected. The rest is history.
  • Entertainment Weekly has taken the time to go back and grade all 23 episodes of Heroes. They gave the pilot a B+, while the season finale rates a C+, which seems a tad bit high for me given the disappointing showdown.
  • Fresh on the heels of NBC’s announcement of NBC Direct yesterday, ABC gets in on the act by announcing their deal with AOL to allow users to download ABC shows for free on AOL’s portal. Details are sketchy, I’m not sure how long you can keep them, if they are in standard def or high def, if you need a special player, or anything else. Apparently the service starts today. You’d think an article about this announcement would point to the web site. But noooo, we’re forced to try and find it ourselves. I think it’s at IN2TV.
  • From the Did You Know Department: Several episodes of James Burke’s The Day The Universe Changed is available on YouTube. If you’ve seen the outstanding Connections series, you know how good Burke is at explaining science. It’s a shame he isn’t as well known as Carl Sagan was. Follow the links to see more of the episodes.
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2 Comments on Tube Bits For 09/21/07

  1. “With the wealth of entertainment options available, the networks simply can’t afford a huge strike.”

    I suggest we all read more books in a pre-emptive fashion until our demands for quality programming are met. They’ll never stand to our united front!


  2. Oh yes, it isn’t science fiction, but might I suggest folks look at PBS and the series based on Timothy Ferris’ “Seeing in the Dark”?

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