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Tube Bits For 09/23/07

  • Entertainment Weekly online has a lot of SF stuff this weekend. First up, a cover story on Battlestar Galactica. Aimed at the non-viewer, there are some interesting nuggets of info inside. Like blaming the ‘poor’ ratings for Galactica on the fact that it is science fiction. Apparently, Grace Park can’t even get her agent to watch the show. Good grief.
  • Migel Ferrer has some interesting things to say about the upcoming Bionic Woman show. Such as saying Bionic Woman will be one of the best SF TV shows ever made. Well, maybe. But having to re-tool the show midstream doesn’t bode well for that assessment.
  • Entertainment Weekly again, this time giving us the Top 10 Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes. I’m shocked they actually picked the best episode of TNG, I figured it would have been to science fictiony for them.
  • I promise, this is the last mention of EW. They have season previews, with spoilers, for Heroes and Battlestar Galactica: Razor.
  • TVBigShot is a fantasy TV game site where you can buy and sell TV shows in an attempt to win acquire money than anyone else. There’s also $100,000 on the line if you can prove you are the best.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 09/23/07

  1. I’m shocked at EW’s list of best Trek episodes.

    It’s actually a good list, and their #1 is one of the best, if not the best, in my book. Maybe they outsourced the compilation of their list?

  2. EW did an excellent job with their Trek list, although I would have expected their first and second-placed episodes to be in the opposite order.

  3. I started getting a little confused by the BSG article, until I went to the first page… and realized it was published before the start of season #3.

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