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Tube Bits For 09/26/07

  • Entertainment Weekly has a spoilery interview with George Takei (Heroes).
  • The Hollywood Reported looks at Monday night’s ratings. Dancing With The Stars and Heroes were the winners, while Chuck and Journeyman both tanked, comparatively. After one night, I’d have to say Journeyman is leading the pack for the deadpool, but the new season is still young, with many candidates still to air.
  • Heroes: Origins has acquired two new writers: Michael O’Dougherty (Superman Returns) and Eli Roth (Hostel!). Roth, especially, is an interesting choice. At least NBC is taking a creative approach to the writers for this spin-off.
  • The Helia Health Blog takes the occasion of the new Bionic Woman to wonder whether, with the aging of America, replacement parts for humans might become science fact. I’d say it’s almost a certainty. The only question is how long will we have to wait? And who will be the first cyborg?
  • NBC will be producing a Masters Of Horror spin-off, called Fear Itself. Supposedly this will be a network friendly show, but how well will a horror show perform on network TV? To me, this is something for cable.
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  1. “I’d have to say Journeyman is leading the pack for the deadpool”

    Agreed. It was so boring I lost interest about ten minutes in, and gave up and turned it off after fifteen. It’s a shame really. Kevin McKidd was excellent in Rome. I hope he has better luck next time.

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