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Tube Bits For 09/28/07

  • The premier of Bionic Woman pulled in decent ratings, especially considering it was scheduled against ratings juggernaut, Dancing With The Stars. It even managed to best Heroes ratings for Monday. We’ll see how well it keeps its viewers next week.
  • Speaking of Heroes, haven’t had the time to read all of the online comics for the season? Well, no you don’t have to. George from OnOurTV has done the work for you and gives us the quick summaries for all 52 online comics. Truly a dedicated Heroes fan, and a heck of a developer too.
  • NBC’s Digital Insights and Innovations team has done some research about viewer habits for online content. They found that a high number of people who watched Heroes online for the first time continued to watch the show later, both online and off. The take away being that there is an ‘opportunity’ for cross platform marketing to reach more people. In other words, viewers will be bombarded with more targeted ads on the NBC site. Just what we need. But I still think NBC’s online viewing capabilities are the best of the major networks.
  • Michael Wentz gives us his review of Journeyman. In it, he takes to task those who compare it to Quantum Leap. Not having seen it yet, all I can say is the synopsis makes it sound like a personal QL.
  • Blog Critics Magazine also has a review of CBS’ Moonlight, which premiers tonight at 9pm ET. Sounds bad.
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  1. I’m with Mr. Wentz. Quantum Leap was 1989, and the production values were garbage in contrast to 2007. I’m enjoying Journeyman a lot, and don’t really care what came before. A lot of it is the way they weave in the cultural references of each time period (like huge mobile phones) and the great licensing of catchy music from each era.

    Plus the Dan Vassar, as a character, has more at stake because his life with family, friends, and coworkers is constantly disrupted by his uncontrollable time travel.

    I’m lovin’ it.

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