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What Do You Want To See From: Galactica’s Final Season

We all know that the upcoming fourth season of Battlestar Galactica will be it’s last. We know that the Galactica will finally make it to Earth, but beyond that, we don’t know much (which is as it should be). But the question for you, our loyal readers, is:

What do you want to see happen in the final season?

Should they find Earth as it is today or a future Earth? Will Earth be able to help Galactica fight the Cylons? Tell us your thoughts.

For me, I’m more interested in just what, exactly, the ‘plan’ the Cylons have is. Heck, I’m interested in whether the writers know what the plan is. I’d like to know how Col. Tigh can be a Cylon when he fought in the first war against the toaster looking Cylons.

I want to see what happened to Starbuck and I’d like to know why she happened to be the ‘chosen’ one to see Earth first.

But what I’d really like to see is the show return to the close, taut storylines from the first season. I’d really like for it to go out with a bang, and end on an optimistic note. That would be a nice contrast to the shows constant dark tone.

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36 Comments on What Do You Want To See From: Galactica’s Final Season

  1. Less clothing!!!

  2. Carles Tixé // September 11, 2007 at 3:45 pm //

    I would see how the two civilizations contact and how evolve their relationship. And, of course, the Mother of all the Interestellar Battles.

  3. Jettison the baggage the crew has accumulated over the last two seasons and get with this “plan” the Cylons have.

  4. I’d like to see them find Earth and visit it with these cool motorcycles they would make out of old Viper parts. It might also be fun if they went back in time and tried to muck with Earth’s past in order to improve it. Ahh…good times.

  5. My problem is that it’s been so long I can’t even remember the freakin’ cliffhanger or storyline from the last episodes of last season. I just hope they tie up loose ends, and really make damn sure they do the whole four new cylons storyline (was that it?) justice. And whatever they do, stay away from anything “Galactica 1980”!

  6. Ah yes…Galactica 1980…If they could “re-imagine” that pile-o-crap into something watchable, then I’d be impressed. Otherwise, I got off the Galactica train last season.

  7. Ah, yes, Tigh. That’s been my big question since the last episode. How the hell could he fight in the first Cylon War — and be good friends with Adama, so there’s someone who’s actually known him all this time — and yet be a humaniform cylon… before such things existed. The only way, to my mind, is that Tigh was captured and copied. But if that’s the case, why wouldn’t the other seven models have known who he is?

    The secondary question is the big to-do the cylons made over Hera, the first human-cylon hybrid, but not a peep about Tyrol’s kid, who is apparently another human-cylon hybrid.

    I was manifestly disappointed with the denoument of that last episode. I hope they can restore my faith.

  8. I am in favor of more Boomer, heck I would go with a whole Boomer episode – better yet the rest of the season can be filled with shots of Grace Park. That I would record on my DVR. But then again I am easily pleased 🙂

  9. joshua corning // September 11, 2007 at 6:41 pm //

    If they don’t show what I want I will write it myself…

    And no, not as fan fiction.

  10. “Less clothing!!!”

    Give the man ten bucks. If there’s anything that might save the show, it would be less clothing.

    Me, as others have said: What is the frakking plan? You know, the one the Cylons have been carrying around? I’ll settle for Tigh, I’ll settle for the return of Starbuck…as long as you can show me that there was a plan, and not a phrase and some half-baked ideas that eventually sank the show like the X-Files “mythology” sank that show…


  11. Finally give us the over-hyped Cylon plan and it had better be good.

    Advanced Earth please. If you have it be just our plain earth, I’ll have flashbacks to BSG 1980 – just when the careful slate of memory erasure drugs had done their work.

    As for Tigh, I’m hoping a Cylon Tigh replaced original Tigh – which would make a whole lot more sense that there ONLY being a limited number who aren’t based on actual humans. Having some based on actual humans they play to replace works better than what they will probably offer us.

    An all-singing, all dancing, musical episode!!! – just kidding.

  12. Given the moral relativism that’s seeped into the show over the past season, my guess is that it will all end with the final 5 Cylons bridging some “gap of understanding” between the two races and it will all end in some big Kumbaya moment where they all learn to live together in peace and harmony.

  13. How about a coherent explanation for all the various character arcs, dangling plot threads and glaring contradictions they’ve introduced since the end of Season 2?

    How about stop trying to convince us that the cylons “have a plan” when its obvious the writers make it up on the fly and present the facade of some all encompassing in-depth storyline.

    How about a reasonable explanation how “All Along the Watchtower” could possibly be playing in the character’s heads.

    If they can pull all that off without it seeming like they are just whipping stuff out of their butts, then that would be good.

    Oh yeah, and less clothes.


  14. Go out with a Bang – The Galatica and crew get destroyed just before finding Earth. The Cylons win, and Edward James Olmos has something other than Bladerunnerand Harrison Ford to complain about!

  15. Looks like ‘less clothes’ is in the lead, good job Tim!

    And the composer, I believe, actually addressed the Jimmi Hendrix issue. To paraphrase, he said something like, “It isn’t really the Jimi Hendrix song, but, rather, a song written by someone on one of the colonies that sounds almost exactly like All Along The Watchtower.”

    I kid you not, because I don’t kid. Well, not about this. Ok, I would, but not this time. 🙂

  16. Oh, and for all those who want less clothes…

    A simple Google search should do the trick. Yowzers.

  17. joshua corning // September 11, 2007 at 11:05 pm //

    And the composer, I believe, actually addressed the Jimmi Hendrix issue. To paraphrase, he said something like, “It isn’t really the Jimi Hendrix song, but, rather, a song written by someone on one of the colonies that sounds almost exactly like All Along The Watchtower.”

    Crap. I am not looking forward to season 4 now.

  18. How odd. I was musing earlier today about BSG’s fourth/final season.

    Anyway, I’d like to see them arrive at Earth in the present, and be so disillusioned, disappointed and disgusted with us they join forces with the Cylons and launch a full-scale attack!


    .. and less clothing… 😉

  19. Less clothing.

    And I’m thinkin’ scoby’s half right – we might see the final 5 try to bridge the gap and forge a peace, BUT human nature being what it is (and Cylon nature being not too different, apparently), and with all the bad blood behind them, the whole thing will degenerate into a battle. Whatever else you think about the show, you have to admit, their space battles are mighty entertaining.

    Oh yeah, and, er, less clothing.


  20. What Jimi Hendrix song?

    Oh. You’re referring to the Bob Dylan song.

  21. Hendrix, Dylan. Same guy really. Notice how you never see them together.

    And for your viewing pleasure, here is Bob.

  22. For me to be satisfied, they MUST find Earth, and it must be either in the distant past (to tie into the gods/goddesses/mythology/religion theme; they are our ancestors) or the future (they are our descendants, so the song COULD be from Dylan). Or the wrap-up must be something so unexpectedly great that nobody has even speculated about it yet. But NOT in the present, please! (I agree with Bill S.)

  23. Y’know, that song was one of the few high points of the episode for me: I really enjoyed the music, even though the rest of it was horribly disappointing.

    Oh, and how about: they find Earth… and it turns out the cylons are the real humans and the humans are actually some evil mutant experiment gone wrong? Yeah, I’d hate that too, but you never know.

  24. Hey JP, RTFB!! I said “less clothing”, not Tim.

    (I guess this is repayment for when I claimed Tim said something you said?)

    Also, why does Tim always get the credit for yours and my material?

    Get your own material Tim! :-@

  25. OK, arriving in the ancient past.

    Tenuous cease fire between the machines and humans.

    Arriving to find bronze age man, early Sumarian, Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Asian populations.

    Man and machine discuss options.

    Machines realize their plan and destiny is to nurture these young civilizations, becoming the gods of old, creating legends and becoming myths as these machines die out over the centuries to come.

    Machines, realizing their destiny, allow the Galactica and the rest of humanity to return to their worlds and begin anew.

  26. I’d like for bsg to meet up with us in our future. Have an Asimovian twist where our robots recognize the death toll and rewrite the cylons programing. How this transpires would be an epic tale.

  27. First and foremost,

    It is a Bob Dylan song not a Jimi Hendrix song, although Hendrix covered it.

  28. First and foremost: LESS CLOTHING!


    Other than that:

    “An all-singing, all dancing, musical episode!!! – just kidding.”

    You know, given the success of that one “Buffy” episode, such an effort on the part of the BSG staff might save the show. That is, after the dreaded third season.

  29. IhateTomCruise // January 1, 2008 at 7:17 pm //

    I think the remaining 5 are Scientologists, and that should answer all your questions now.:-@

  30. Futsukayoi // January 16, 2008 at 11:30 am //

    Really sorry if this is not appropriate for this forum, but this thread got me thinking.

    The best resolution to the series would have to do with the Cylons much vaunted “Plan” that’s been alluded to throughout the series. The way to do this would hinge on Earth. As the Cylons applied their machine like intellects to the problem of dealing with Galactica, which was an anomaly in their well laid and forty year strategy of annihilating the human race in one fell swoop, they realized that even the remote possibility of the existence of a thirteenth colony was a threat to them that could not be allowed. Yet there was no conceivable way to find Earth but for Galactica. As this was realized the Cylons simply let the human fleet go on until they would find Earth, for if anyone could locate the thirteenth colony the odds were with the remaining humans. It is in this light that the Cylons, who could at any time locate and destroy the remainder of the human population, allowed the fleet to meander in the hopes that they would lead them to the thirteenth colony. As the human fleet got further away from the original twelve colonies that were now under Cylon control, this seemed more and more an acceptable risk, especially with Galactica being a thirty year old ship ready for mothball.

    This was their plan. Find the thirteenth colony and forever eradicate the humans from the galaxy, as the Cylons ascended to their place of evolutionary dominance in the known galaxy. The study and development of emotion through the “twelve models” was nothing more than a side project in the Cylon strategy of eventually achieving their goal of destroying the human race. The writers need to bring a cold and truly machine leadership intelligence back into the mix and make this a conflict between man and created machine. Cold, rational, machine logic versus human.

    Im only focused on the Cylon “plan” in all of this. Whether or not the Galactica crew can defeat this true threat I don’t know which would make for a better story. But for an idea on the plan of the Cylons, I think Earth could be the key, for only through Earth could this all be resolved.

    Oh, and less clothing for the females aboard Galactica would be nice

  31. “This was their plan.”

    I think we need to go back to the classics to save the show. Get that Wright fella to adapt a van Vogt plot to pump new life into the storyline!

  32. “And the composer, I believe, actually addressed the Jimmi Hendrix issue. To paraphrase, he said something like, ‘It isn’t really the Jimi Hendrix song, but, rather, a song written by someone on one of the colonies that sounds almost exactly like All Along The Watchtower.'”

    Well so much for that theory. I have in my hand the soundtrack CD for the third season. The last track on the CD?

    “All Along the Watchtower”; from “Crossroads, Part II”. Featuring Bt4, Vocals. Words and Music by Bob Dylan. Adapted, Arranged and Produced by Bear McCreary.

    Almost exactly…my chrome-plated posterior…

  33. Fred,

    Yes, the song IS All Along the Watchtower. McCreary was talking about in the context of the show that it was just a song that sounds like the Dylan song, as opposed to being a broadcast from Earth, or just an anachronistic goof.

  34. Nah. It’s just an anachronistic goof.


  35. What would have worked better was something along the lines of what they did in the second season, in the episode “Valley of Darkness”, where they used a bit of Philip Glass (from the album “Solo Piano”, the track “Metamorphosis Five”). Obscure enough so that only fans like me (fans of Glass, that is) recognized it, but subtle and utterly fitting the mood of the episode.

  36. I will settle just for less clothing!!! Who cares about the plot…?

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