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Eureka: Season 2 Impressions

I watched the Season 2 finale of Eureka. This is one of the shows I like enough to commit to watching every week. Similar to earlier in the season, here are my random thoughts on all of season 2.

**** (Spoiler Warning!)****

  • While the show is good overall, none of the shows really reached the level of greatness and some were just flat out weak. The “Maneater” episode of two weeks ago comes to mind. The whole “Eureka modeled after biology” thing was not weird but funny – it was just weird.
  • I’ve given up expecting real science in the plots. You win, technobabble.
  • There has been some good character growth this season: Carter is not such a noob and he is becoming a better parent; Jo finally lets her hair down; Henry finally gets meaty storylines. Romance was in the air all over the place. Carter (almost) got romantic with Callie; Jo hooked up with Zane; even Zoe hooked up.
  • Stark still annoys me. They’ve spent much time showing how he and Allison are becoming closer, so the final shoe-drop in the finale was not entirely unexpected. The bad news is that this means he’ll probably be back next season, which was recently renewed.
  • Taggert’s appearances were perfectly done – which is to say not overdone like in season 1. I wish Stark would appear less often.
  • The Henry story arc was a bit too slow in progressing. I’m not sure how the anger and revenge exhibited this season seemed to disappear in the finale. Did he forget that Beverly caused her death? Was the Kevin/Akashic field his motive all along? I don’t think so.
  • Speaking of Kevin and the finale, if Kevin is so smart, why couldn’t he figure out how to separate himself from the Akashic field so Henry didn’t have to endanger the lives of everyone at GD? Bah!

Bottom line: Like my impressions of season 1, the bottom line here is that the show, while flawed, continues to provide a fun hour of quirky characters and interesting storylines.

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