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Gene Simmons’ Zipper

Simmons Comics, owned by Gene Simmons (yes, that Gene Simmons) is publishing their first science fiction comic. It’s called Zipper. Well, technically, it’s called Gene Simmons’ Zipper, but I’m not one to pick nits, especially when it comes to some dude’s zipper.

Here is the website’s description of the comic:

Gene Simmons creates his own version of the classic “stranger in a strange land” tale with his latest comic book, ZIPPER! After a daring escape from his other-dimensional home, the Nether Ether, denizen Xeng Ral finds himself on planet Earth–lost, alone, curious and confused. Protected only by a specially equipped exo-suit, Xeng Ral sets out to explore his new world, desperately evading those who would hunt him down from the Nether Ether.

A 6-issue subscription runs for $24.

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